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24 September 2021



You and about 80% of the kids in that College are going through a very similar mind space. Why College, and what the hell do I want to become in the future. Here’s what I can tell you. You are not alone. I am sure you look at your dad and think, “How does someone find their true calling?” How did dad figure it out? I am going to let you in on a little secret. I am still trying to figure it out.  I am 40 years old and still trying to understand if the choices I made are right and if this is the career I lay my hat on. Once I was kicked out of college ( Something I have always regretted and continue to try and finish) I only knew two things. I have a daughter and I have nothing to provide for her. This does not mean HAVE A KID! This means I was in a position where I could turn and run, or figure it out. I somewhat figured it out. This also doesn’t mean to just join the military out of lack of options. You my dear are in a better position than I was. You have options. I asked you. This morning. (What’s your life goal) When I asked you this, I wasn’t looking for the master plan but more of a “what the plan is at the moment”. You see, back when I was starting college, I didn’t think long game. I was thinking one day at a time and just being able to play baseball. I knew, all I ever wanted was to play that game for my entire life. In doing so. I needed to take some easy classes and theater was on that list. I enjoyed it. I was drawn to the classrooms praise of my work. I wanted more but other things became more important. I didn’t think I would be using that skill ever again until 10 years later. My point is, you will go through phases, you will recreate yourself several times until you find your true self. I wouldn’t be too stressed about it all. I would enjoy the journey with only 1 intention, keep moving forward. What I mean by that is always be learning. You will learn about the world and you will learn about yourself. You will screw it up a few times and you will be upset about it. You will be ok… This is life. Learn from everything. It’s all good.

I raised you to have morals and values. Those were my morals and values. You are free to shift those accordingly. It’s your choice, it’s your life. Just be smart in those choices. Be honorable to your own code.

Find what makes you happy! Is it kids? Is it competition? Is it both? Whatever it is, always be seeking that truth, and once you find it, be consumed by it over and over again.

My job as a father was to keep you alive, now my job is to tell you my mistakes so you can try to avoid them. Or not . This is the beauty of growing up.

Money is not an answer but it’s a tool. If you aren’t happy with yourself without it, you will never be happy with it. It’s all relative, if you make 100k but spend $100,001 you are broke… If you make 30k and spend 15k you are doing better than most. The word wealth can fool people. It’s not Instagram rich, nice cars and items… Wealth is relationships and time. I left some high paying jobs to be home more with y’all. Because you kids are my greatest riches. I wanted a better relationship with you kids and to spend more time with family. If you chase money you will leave this world empty handed… Cool thing is our tattoos come with us… lol

There is no pressure. You only need to achieve your own definition of success. Not mine, not the worlds. I have chased affirmations from strangers on social media for years realizing I only need to keep my world happy. My wife, my kids… You will understand that eventually.

For now understand you are changing by the minute. Your friends will change, your relationships will be complicated, your career choices will shift and your personal views on life will be challenged. Grin and bear it. This uncomfortable time IS growth.

I love you so much, It’s hard to be so far and hear you frustrated with College and trying to figure out your path. Always know I am here, I am your father, your friend, your ally and if needed your alibi.

Ride or Die Dad.


PS: All my jobs until now….

Pizza Hut

Sportsmart (Sports Authority)

Champs Sports


Cleaned Grease Traps (2days)

Sears ( 1 day)

Coca-Cola (Quit before getting fired)

Bartender (1 day)

Texas Roadhouse


Us Army

——————AFTER MILITARY——————

Sales rep for Cintas Medical Department

Recovery Agent (Never recovered anybody)

Corrections officer (private prison)

Border Patrol

Texas MMA and Boxing Manager


Uber Driver

Car Salesman


Social Media Manager

Sales for a Toxicology Lab