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27 December 2019

The Chase

“The clowns will get attention, yes. But when their show ends its done. No one cares about them when the paint is washed off.”

The chase… At times it was the only motivation, it was the only thing driving me. When will I become famous and when will the world know my name? But what is the attraction to becoming famous? Why is this so appealing to so many? The famous world seems to live a life a majority of people envy… Why would I want that for myself?

I wanted a bigger microphone. I wanted to have bigger reach. I wanted a louder voice.

After years of searching for answers and purpose in this space, I think I have figured it out… I personally don’t care about fame… But I do care about influence. I want to help mentor and lead those who walk a similar path. I have experienced a lot and I know who I am and what I am worth! I know what I want to represent in the space I have created. I broke it down to the exact word I want to leave as my legacy. LEADER… I want the world to not only think this but feel this when my name is spoken. The simplest form of my existence is that…Leader. As a Father, as a Soldier, as a Husband…

Some of you might be Artists, Creators , Givers, Lovers or many other valuable pieces of society. But once it’s all said and done and there is no breath in my lungs, the one word that will best define me is this. LEADER.

Now, that might sound extremely dramatic to someone who just posts on Social media with no regard or someone who just posts to highlight their lives for family and friends. My life is now in a different position. I have accepted the fact I have a voice in the community and even a small influence in society. The next thing I had to do is decide how I wanted to use that voice.

Here is what I would say to anyone seeking direction building their brand. “Don’t chase the followers, don’t chase the likes. Chase the truth. Chase your own candor. That’s attractive and that’s what will drive more followers.”

Relatability creates unbreakable bonds. People are tired of feeling alone and are always looking for someone to lead them onto a path that helps them reach their own goals. But they will only follow if you have a similar agenda…Your social should be built with passion and heart. Your Passion is Attractive! (Maybe not to me but to someone) Insecurities are easy to detect in a picture, so make sure you are confident in what you are putting out. As you grow it becomes harder to not chase the followers. But after years of paying attention to every, like, follower and share I realized this isn’t living! If you are chasing it all for notoriety it will fall flat. If you post for attention it leaves you empty and becomes more depressing in the end. Fact is, it’s harder to maintain a character people enjoy than it is to just be yourself and not worry if others like you. It’s actually hard work pretending to be something you’re not. To create a character, and then maintain that character, and continue to post in character…That becomes exhausting and in turn you begin to just post to stay relevant instead of actually posting with certainty.

Be yourself. Not everyone will like you, and that’s ok. You will like you. That’s what’s important. The followers will follow once they realize you are real. The clowns will get attention, yes. But when their show ends its done. No one cares about them when the paint is washed off. They are only known for being clowns…

Build a machine… Build a team… you will gain a pack of followers that will go on the journey with you…

But know in the end, when all layers are pulled back… It’s a journey you really go at alone… So make sure you can look in the mirror and be proud of your legacy and be proud of what WORD you represent.