Pastor Rick Henderson on the Podcast
04 March 2019

Pastor Rick Henderson on the Podcast

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Pastor Rick answers some hard questions for those of us who questions faith. I needed to get some hard answers for the questions my kids ask me! This is a fun one!

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  1. Matthew Riedell

    Loved this episode. Hearing a more personal and relative discussion of faith and religion is refreshing to say the least. Especially relating it back to being a father, being a friend, being just a decent human being, but not focusing on being in the weeds. My opinion, but I think leaving some of that more open and leaving the digging and learning for me to discover (reading the bible) is more easily digestable. Hearing all this in just an open and honest conversation without the formalities was great. In the end though, you two had some deep discussions that resonate while still allowing me as a listener feeling like I’m there in the conversation and not an outsider. Hope all that makes sense but that is usually why I listen. Whether it’s about fatherhood, adventure, religion, business, or whatever it is all easy to listen to and at the same time have and enjoyable experience. Having fun. Thanks VRV!

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