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28 February 2018



Because in 40 years whether anyone remembers me, I hope that I can be a casual effect that changes the course of history. If only for a single human.”
– Vincent Vargas


It’s a question people ask me all the time. 
Why do I show my family on social media?
Why do I have my life on full display for the world to see?

I try not to boast or gloat; I just show what I got going on. Not some over-processed picture. (Well, other than the ones with the Great One: The Rock.) 

Why do I write about my kids? 

Why do I write about trying to be a good person?

One of my quotes I often put on Instagram is just: “Be a good dude.”
But why do I feel like it’s my place to give anyone my opinion?

Here’s your answer: I’m using my voice for good and not evil. 
I say that to keep things simple… but what I really mean is I am using my voice to show positivity, progress, enjoying the process of life and to never quit. 

In a world consumed with negative news and all the misconceptions of what people want to believe, prejudices, racism, political agendas…

 …I’m using my voice for good

There is so much negative shit. They have the right to post their crap, and I have the right to counter it with my positive content. 
I don’t need to preach my belief systems. I don’t NEED to get anyone to follow me. 

But while you are following me, you know what you’re going to get…. 
I want the power of positivity and the Law of Attraction to take hold. 

I don’t need you to think I’m a good dad. I think my kids are fucking awesome and I post pictures of them whether it’s a good day or bad day. That’s real. 

I don’t need to show you how amazing my relationship is. Because to be honest we have good days and frustrating days, but we get along very, very well and that’s rare. That’s why I post “evolution of the selfie” to show you how many times we take a picture to get it right!
That’s the real shit.

I don’t need to tell you how successful I am, because I don’t consider myself to be. I’m making moves, but I’m just starting. 

I’ve been through divorces, lost my kids and got them back, I’ve gone through all kinds of dumb shit. 
But I’ve remained positive throughout it. 

Because I won’t allow negativity to consume my life. I won’t let it beat me…. I find a way to see past it and find a positive look at a shit situation.
Trust me, there are days when I’m pissed off and I’m mad. But at the end of the day, that’s life. 
You only can control what you can control. That’s something my baseball coach told me. 
I can only control how I react to a situation. I can’t control how you react, or how other people treat me.
For me, I just try and be a good dude. 
That’s not saying I do it every day. I fail. Often. 
But I keep trying. 

See, in life, you have to know WHY… You have to (at some point) truly know WHY you choose your daily path….

My WHY is easy.

I want to leave this world and leave an impact, not for anyone in particular, more for my kids but I know residual effects can happen… others can be affected by this footprint of impression.

I want to be a positive influence for my kids, but would be blessed to help dads, veterans, anyone … by showing my life. To show that I’ve had downfalls and I’ve picked myself back up, and I expect more downfalls and I’ll pick myself back up. 

I’m raising my kids and I’m fucking it up; some days I feel like I am, at least, and other days I feel alright about it. 
But I’m being open and honest with you. I’m showing you my heart. I’m giving you everything I possibly can.
Ultimately, life is a series of decisions. We make the best decisions we can based off the experiences we have gone through. 

I share my story of failure and how I overcame sorrow to move on. 

To give others an option they might not have seen. 
In hopes that I can expose myself to the world so that the world can live a braver existence. 

So the Veteran can feel confident and face the world again…

So the mother can find the courage to attack life and provide for her child. 

So that a father might find the strength to say “no” to work more and YES to family… to stand up and find happiness in himself and experience this beautiful thing we call life. 

Because in 40 years whether anyone remembers me, I hope that I can be a casual effect that changes the course of history. 
If only for a single human.


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  1. Wade

    Thank you Vincent. Thanks for your positive message. It seems that instant communication and global wireless technology has given people a way to spread sensationalism, negativity, and even raw hatred at a remarkable pace. I’ve been away from the US and most of the rest of the world for nearly 9 months, and I’m alarmed by what I see daily across social media and international news. I have to remember that what I see is only what is selected by other people for me to see on those venues and is in reality probably a very minute percentage of daily events. People are still mostly good and millions of good things happen every day.

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