Acting… (Vinny Thinking)
02 November 2017

Acting… (Vinny Thinking)

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Acting… Something I never expected to be a craft that would open my soul…. I know some of the world sees me in a way they couldn’t possible fathom me being terrified of acting.
As I too thought it would be easy to step into Hollywood and be good at it because a lot comes easy to me… My life has been a playground to physicality’s such as sports, fitness and Military….On the spot thinking and problem solving… But nothing has prepared me for this… Nothing has set me up to cut open old scars, to remember, Re-feel and re-live memories that have stacked themselves behind my smile.
For me to be good and hopefully someday great, I have needed to revisit my life in such a profound and vulnerable way it’s almost uncomfortable… How do I shut off the world around me and live in the scene? Can I convince you of my doubt, fear, reluctance and anger? Will you become attached to me… Will you see your life through my eyes. Will you connect with my vision… I have learned methods and styles from my brilliant partners… they welcome me and open up their secrets with me… But those are theirs and mine are mine… I am the only one who has walked in my shoes. Who has seen and felts things no one else has…

So here is to perfecting a new craft with my heart wide open…

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