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13 October 2017

Become the lighthouse

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Become the Lighthouse…

You want to know the answers and why it’s so hard, why these waves keep knocking you down and why you keep falling apart…

You need to rise above the waves… or hold your breath until it’s past… you can’t quit this life and drowned in the aftermath…

Stand tall and let the waves hit hard… it’s inevitable, your small cuts will become scarred

there’s no stopping the pain and cold it leaves behind, take in that deep breath knowing that what coming is by design

With little success and ease of breath come bitter and pain from failures in vain…

As the waves crash again and again
You will lose more then you win… keep standing don’t fall don’t give in…

Hold! Hold! Hold without fear, you can see the waves coming now… while relationships disappear

People grow older and bodies get tired… keep standing proud… while the world around you expire.

For you were just a pebble in the sand, you managed to stack yourself higher and higher with your own hand…

Stone after stone your walls grow tall, it’s going to take one hell of a hit to make you fall

As the wave crash now… they seem to hit with less power… for you have now become the beacon of light….

Way up high in the tower

People will come to you and ask, how… how Can I become this strong… and not crumble to powder

Endure the waves as they crash down and you become douse

build from your pain.. and become the lighthouse…


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