The Vinny Roc Podcast Ep.7 “Border Patrol”
05 October 2017

The Vinny Roc Podcast Ep.7 “Border Patrol”


Rocco discusses what led him to become a Border Patrol Agent along with training, and a few good stories. If you are interested in becoming a Border Patrol Agent click the link below.


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  1. Landon

    Hey man, I’ve read your “So you want to be a border patrol agent” article a few times and listened to your podcast once. Loved both of them, got lots of laughs and great knowledge on what the job is like. I’m currently in the Marines and have been for 4.5 years working in Corrections. (Which is funny because you worked behind bars as well) I’m currently getting out and am in the process of joining the BP. My dream out of it is to try out for the BORTAC or possibly BORSTAR team when the time comes. Listening to your broadcast, however, brought up one question I was hoping you could answer. What is the job, both as a regular agent and Special Operations, like on a family? I only have my wife and don’t plan on kids for a while, but the reason I’m getting out of the Corps is because the jobs I want to do in it would deploy me on a yearly basis for pretty much my whole career which is obviously a bit much for someone who is married. My wife is obviously fine with and used to me being gone often, and she even agreed to let me try and go on a few deployments with BORTAC/BORSTAR if I make it, but how much does it really take a toll on home life? Ide really appreciate your opinion on that. I really look up to you and the career you’ve made with yourself, and I want to try and follow those footprints. Thanks for being one of the badasses this country needs, both tactically and family related. And thanks for sharing your awesome stories with us as well!

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