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01 August 2017

She is the Tortilla to my Beef Taco

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A relationship is basically two strangers trying to find enough similarities that you can handle throughout a lifetime… We crossed paths…We asked the hard questions and both handled the answers… Now we are going through the days laughing at all each other’s differences…. Like this one…. She can handle tattoos way better then I can, and I never hear the end of it!!!

It’s crazy how much our life is wrapped around not just tattoos but expression. Its who we are… It didn’t take long to identify that’s us. We had to find who we are as a couple to understand how this relationship is motivated. Let me further explain, I know how she ticks.. What burns deep, it’s not that she likes nice things or enjoys taking the time to make herself look good for me. It’s she has a profound want to support me… it’s the cheerleader inside her. She can sit in a room full of strangers and watch as they shake my hand after a speaking engagement and have questions of my life. In essence she is my biggest fan. My shoulder to cry on or even lay on when tired. She is my bounce back… The person that I can express myself to without judgment. She literally just wants to watch me perform whether it be sports or entertainment…  See, we had to find where we fit… like a puzzle piece, we are completely different people who’s personalities complement each other and it just works. She is the Tortilla to my beef taco, without one another it couldn’t exist.


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