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01 June 2015

New Minion Cleared Hot- Breach Bang Vincent

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Looks like Vincent Vinny Rocco “Big Papi” Vargas has officially joined the Mad Duo’s writing team. That’s right. Now he can add an additional moniker to his name: Breach Bang Vincent. Vince is perhaps best known for taking selfies with a skill that legions of teenage girls would envy. A former Army Ranger, his knuckles are actually still scabbed over from all that time spent dragging the ground.

Vince grew up in the San Fernando Valley, then went into the Army on an option 40 Ranger contract after playing baseball in college. He served four years with the 75TH Ranger Regiment (A Co 1ST Platoon “Badmuthers”) while active duty. During his tenure with the Regiment he did three combat deployments to Iraq, serving in every billet on rifle, crew-served and anti-tank teams.

After his AD time was up Rocco went on to become a USAR Drill Sergeant at Ft. Sill. On the civilian side he worked Corrections at a Federal Prison, where (perhaps not surprisingly) he was a member of the facility’s SORT (Special Operations Response Team). As an activated Army Reservist DI he trained and mentored seven cycles of Basic training and WTC Soldiers, earning two Drill Sergeant of the Cycle awards. He then went on to join the US Border Patrol and eventually volunteered for BORSTAR (Border Patrol Search and Rescue Special Operations Unit). He now works as a SOG Operator attached to a BORTAC team, medic and combatives instructor.

Rocco is married with four kids (two girls, two boys) – among whose young ranks are boxers, MMA fighters, baseball players, volleyball players and assorted other warriors in training. An international celebrity on par with such greats as Jack Elam and Zac Efron’s little brother, he’s basically the Mad Duo’s own David Hasselhoff. Lookit, he even has his own IMDB page and Facebook fan page.

When he’s not writing for Breach-Bang-Clear Rocco works as the COO for Article 15 Clothing, as a staff member forLeadslingers Whiskey and probably some other shit we don’t know about.

Stay tuned to this freq for more from Breach Bang Vincent.